Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beard Appreciation vol. 1

In honor of NovemBEARD I thought I'd right a few blogs honoring one of my favorite things in the world: Beards! All of history's greatest men have had awesome facial hair* and no where is this truer than in my chosen field of study, Physics. All the masters have had either sweet beards or a bitchin' stache with the exception of Newton...Who was a huge dick!

The first man we honor is the great James Clerk Maxwell. Famous for unifying the forces of Electricity and Magnetism Maxwell made many contributions to the field of Physics. His contributions to the world of beards are no less impressive.

Next we honor Ludwig Boltzmann who helped found Statistical Mechanics along with Maxwell in what would be called by later generations, "The Teaming of the Beards". Legend has it that their beards entwined allowing them to exchange thoughts directly.

We now turn our attention to James Prescott Joule who also made his beardly contributions in the study of Statistical Mechanics--Joule gave us the First Law of Thermodynamics Maxwell gave us the Second. I guess the Third Law of Thermodynamics is "Have a sweet beard".

The last beard we honor today is that of the pioneer Galileo Galilei. Most famous for hist contributions to Astronomy, which included refinements to the telescope and the first use of the telescope for observational Astronomy, Galileo also made contributions to the study of motion, gravity, and beards.

*This is why American politics sucks. All of our politicians are clean shaven. We need some beards on the hill.

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